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A circular approach to commercial property

Working with our partners, STax integrates the latest advancements in commercial property development to ensure that your property is ideally located and harmonises with its surroundings. We guarantee your development is delivered on time and within budget, while also adhering to the highest standards of sustainability. Particular attention is paid to its carbon footprint and exploring ways to reduce it. The STax Smart Property offering ensures a circular approach to making your commercial property work for you.

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Leveraging the power of geo-spatial mapping and sophisticated data weighting, STax ensures that your commercial property is not just ideally located but perfectly aligned with its intended use. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional site selection by integrating comprehensive data analysis, including demographic trends, market demands, and environmental considerations.

We help you assess a series of factors so that we can pinpoint the optimal location for your commercial property, ensuring it thrives in its ecosystem and meets your strategic goals.

The result is a property that not only fits seamlessly into its surroundings but also capitalises on its location to maximise utility and value. With STax, you’re not just finding a location; you’re securing the future success of your property.


As specialists within commercial property, STax can play an integral role in mitigating risks throughout your commercial property development. We actively engage with your team, working hand in hand to ensure that your project is not only delivered on time and within budget but also with a markedly reduced risk profile.

Our collaborative approach is designed to drive practical improvements in project delivery, enhance your return on investment, and deliver programme certainty and betterment. With STax, you gain a partner committed to building business improvement and ensuring the successful realisation of your construction objectives.

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We are dedicated to helping commercial properties adopt a smart approach to sustainability by developing robust carbon reduction and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) frameworks. Our services encompass thorough energy audits of properties to provide vital insights into energy efficiency and pinpoint opportunities to reduce energy use.

For our clients, the advantages are significant. Larger corporations and PLCs obliged to report on ESG performance will find our frameworks crucial for compliance. Similarly, SMEs, now often required to disclose their ESG strategies in tenders, will benefit from our expertise in meeting the increasing demand for transparency in supply chain emissions.

Our process starts with a detailed evaluation of current business practices, including interviews with staff and key clients, to create a customised framework. Our energy audits delve into current energy use and data sources, fulfilling reporting requirements and spotting any gaps in data collection needed for efficient monitoring and reporting.


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